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his office and seek refuge in the soldiers' home at Grand Rapids. New Children's Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. — The trustees of the Free Bed fund for crippled and deformed children have secured a three storv building at 414 Highland Avenue, which is being arranged according to modern ideas as a hospital. .A.11 sick children will henceforward be made bene- ficiaries of the charit}'. 764 NEWS ITEMS. N. Y. Mbd. Jour, and Phila. Mbd. Jocbnal. Melrose Hospital, Melrose, Mass., has bene- fited to the extent of $1,000 by the will of the late Royal P. Zenegra 100 Mg Barry, of that town. At Toronto University, in the medical depart- ment during the late opening Zenegra Online of the combined schools, the degree of LL. D. was conferred upon the following gentlemen : William Williams Keen, M. A., M. D. ; William Henry Welch, M. A., Cheap Zenegra M. D.; William Osier, M. D. ; Russell Henry Chittenden, Ph. D. ; Charles S. Sherrington, M. A., M. Zenegra 100mg D., F. R. S. ; Henry Pickering Bowditch, M. A., M. D., D. Sc. A Railway Hospital on Wheels. — A hospital car is the latest addition to the rolling stock of the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Rail- road. The car had several staterooms for con- valescents, a surgical room, and a large section that will accommodate a dozen cots. Complete outfits of instruments and drugs have been pro- vided. Large Hospital for Houston, Tex. — The South- ern Pacific Railway is said to have plans under way to construct one of the largest railway hos- pitals in the world at Houston, Tex. The build- ing is to adjoin the new seven story Zenegra 50 office struc- ture at Franklin Avenue and Travis Street. The same road has a fully equipped hospital car, which is rushed when necessary to the scene of an acci- dent. The Typhoid Fever Outbreak in Grand Rapids, Mich. — The Health Officials of Grand Rapids, Mich., are having considerable trouble in protecting the inhabitants of that town against typhoid fever. There are ten thousand wells in the city and trou- ble arises when the officials desire to inspect these. Red cards have been affixed to those in the fever district, warning the users to boil the the water coming therefrom. The owners sneer at this precaution and consign the inspectors to a place where it is thought water from any well would be acceptable, boiled or " raw." The New Jersey Delegates to the Tuberculosis Congress at St. Louis, appointed by Governor Murphy, are as follows : Dr. Charles J. Kipp, and Dr. Laban Dennis, of Newark ; Dr. Elmer Barwis, of Trenton ; Dr. C. T. Brackett, of Princeton ; Dr. Henry Mitchell, of Asbury Park ; Dr. Henry W. Elmer, of Bridgeton ; Dr. W. S. Jones, of Camden ; Dr. James S. Green, of Elizabeth ; Dr. Buy Zenegra O. H. Sprowl, of Flemington ; Dr. Austin Scott, presi- dent of Rutgers College, New Brunswick ; Edwin A. Stevens, of the Stevens Institute, Hoboken ; Frank L. Sheppard, general superintendent United railroads of New Jersey; Dr. John D. Mc- Gill, of Jer.sey City, and Dr. Stephen Pierson, of Morristown. The Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Oregon State Medical Society was held in Elks' Hall, Mar- quam Building, Portland, Ore., on September 29th and 30th. The programme follows : Annual Ad- dress by the President, by Dr. Henry Waldo Coe, of Portland ; Address of Welcome, by Mayor George H. Williams; Report of Chairman, Board of Council, by Dr. Calvin S. White, of Gervais ; Osteomyelitis, with a report of an unusual case, by Dr. Joseph S. Courtney, of Dayton ; The Pligher Education a Cause of the Physical Decay of Women, by Dr. F. W. Van Dyke, of Grants Pass ; Technics in General Anaesthesia, by Dr. Joseph Sternberg, of Portland ; Some Observa- tions on the Arid Region, by Dr. Franklin Cau- thorn, of Portland ; Tuberculosis, by Dr. Edward A. Pierce, of Salem ; What is the X Ray? by Dr. Richard Nunn, of Portland ; Technical Manage- ment, by Dr. George E. Houck, of Roseburg ; Diag- nosis of Fractures, by Dr. George F. Wilson, of Portland ; Cancer, by Dr. Robert C. Coffey, of Portland; Skin and Glands, by Dr. Luther H. Hamilton, of Portland ; The Paranoiac, by Dr. Walter T. Williamson, of Salem ; The Neuras- thenic, by Dr. J. Allen Gilbert, of Portland ; The Pervert, by Dr. James P. Tamiesie, of Hillsboro; The Syphilitic, by Dr. William House, of Pendle- ton ; The Tuberculous, by Dr. Woods Hutchinson, of Portland ; What can we do for them ? by Dr. John S. Klober, of Green River Hot Springs; Modern Methods of Diagnosticating Kidney Dis- ease, by Dr. Albert E. Mackay, of Portland ; Die- tetic treatment of various forms of Kidney Dis- ease, by Dr. Charles J. Smith, of Pendleton ; Drugs used in the various forms of Kidney Dis- ease, by Dr. James F. Bell, of Portland ; The Pathology and Treatment of Tuberculous Kid- ney, by Dr. Joseph Zenegra 100 B. Eagelson, of Seattle ; Causa- tion and Pathology of Chronic Bright's Disease, by Dr. Woods Hutchinson, of Portland Zenegra Uk ; Pyelitis, by Dr. William H. Byrd, of Salem ; Renal Calculi, by Dr. William Jones, of Portland ; Anuria, by Dr. Park Weed Willis, of Seattle ; Indications for Nephrectomy, by Dr. Kenneth A. J. Mackenzie, of Portland. The following officers were elected:

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