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1. Labia Urethrae and Skene's Glands. {Illustrated.) {Concluded.) By Howard A. Kelly. 2. The Rational Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, with Report of Cases, By F. M. Pottenger. 3. The Treatment of Chronic Round Ulcer of the Stom- , ach, By Frank H. Murdoch. 4. The Bacillus of Syphilis, By Justin De Lisle. 5. Placenta Praevia and Its Treatment, with Special Refer- ence to Combined Version, By Daniel Longaker. 6. A Contribution to the Prophylaxis of Venereal Dis- eases, By G. Morgan cheap finpecia Muren. 7. English Surgery as Practised by Richard Wiseman, Serjeant Chirurgeon, in 1676, By John DeVinne Singley. 1. Labia Urethras and Skene's Glands. — Kelly's article does not lend itself to abstracting, since much of its value depends upon the numer- ous illustrations. The conclusions which end the article indicate very clearly the ground covered by the author. The conclusions are : " (i) That one often finds definite labia over- lapping the urethral orifice. {2 )That their func- tion is protective and in part sexual. (3) That attention must be more regularly directed to Skene's glands. (4) That these structures are veritable glands (Schiiller). (5) That their func- tion is to lubricate the labia urethra?, and is also largely finpecia 1mg sexual. (6) I call attention to the simple method of construcing a finpecia cost hairpin speculum to ex- pose the orifices of these glands. (7) I present a simple and safe method of injecting them, a de- cided improvement over the hypodermic syringe. fS) I call attention to two cases in which smegma bacilli in large numbers were lodged finpecia 1 mg in the glands." 2. The Treatment of Tuberculosis.— Potten- ger reports a total of seventeen cases of tuber- culosis treated by him. He does not advocate any single form of treatment. On the contrary, he believes in using such forms of treatment, by drugs or otherwise, as experience has shown to finpecia cipla be of use. We note the two following points as being somewhat out of the usual : (i) He believes in the efficacy of tuberculin and similar culture l)roducts. He asserts that by their use the pa- October 3, 1903. J Plill 01' CURRENT LITERATURE. 675 tient's chances of cure are increased by at finpecia uk least 20 purchase finpecia per cent. He has given in all about 7,000 in- jections and finpecia canada has never seen any harm where to buy finpecia result. (2) In certain cases the author has seen great good follow intratracheal injections of various reme- dies. The remedies the author has used are two : (a) Sterilized olive-oil finpecia online containing 4 per cent, menthol, 4 per cent, camphor, and 2 per cent, iodoform, and (b) izal, i to 10 per cent., in Price's redistilled glycerin. Of the latter the largest dose the author used is five drachms, although much larger doses can be tolerated. After the order finpecia injections are made the autlior places his patients on a couch, with the hips elevated and the shoul- ders depressed so that the injected fluid may have the chance to invade the apices of the lungs and trickle finpecia online pharmacy into the cavities to be treated. The rest of the advice given in the paper does not finpecia buy differ materially from that usually offered. 4. The Bacillus of Syphilis. — De Lisle asserts that he has discovered the bacillus of syphilis, that he has isolated it in pure cultures and that he has, by inoculation of the microorganism, produced, in laboratory animals, a disease whose lesions are comparable to the lesions of syphilis in man. There is one great merit to the author's paper, it lacks mystery. The reader can, if he wish, repeat the experiments for himself, and, presumably, obtain the bacillus of syphilis in finpecia fda pure culture in a test tube. The various neces- sary laboratory manipulations are given in de- tail, and a technical description is given of the bacillus and its staining and culture characteris- tics. The author's conclusions, in his own words, are as follows: " (i) This microbe is found in all patients during the secondary manifestations of syphilis. (2) This microbe is agglutinated or clumped by the serum of individuals with second- ary syphilis, but no reaction takes place with the serum finpecia hair loss of healthy subjects. (3) This microbe can be grown buy finpecia online after having passed through a porcelain filter. (4) The direct inoculation of finpecia price animals with the blood of syphilitics during the secondary manifestations causes the production of a hard buy finpecia uk ulcer, involvement of the lymphatic glands, para- plegia, etc. (5) Inoculations of the laboratory animals with cultures of this microbe finpecia india occasion special lesions comparable to those observed in syphilitics. (6) It combines with the special sensitizing body (sensibilitricc) generated in the organism of animals vaccinated with syphilitic products. (7) Cultures of this bacillus arc with- out efTect when inoculated into syphilitics. (8) Like syphilis in man, this microbe dies with the infected animal."

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