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By X. Delore. September 26, 1903.] lUlH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 623 1. Etiology of Epitheliomata. — Jaboulay be- lieves in a parasitic origin of epithelial cancer and in its contagiousness ; anatomically it is the result of a mutual osmosis between epithelium and con- nective tissue, the separating colloid tissue being destroyed by the parasite. The latter thrives best in young and healthy persons, ("ancer is danger- ous, Acai Berry Thin Uk not by substituting itself for other tissues, not as a foreign body, but as a generator of poisons. The history of a mammary cancer is that of a slow burn, caused by the production of formic acid from oxidation of What Is The Best Acai Berry Product glycogen. In a cancerous sub- ject, there is some chemical substance formed in- ternally, which causes the cachexia ; the cancer cannot excrete externally and deposits its poison- ous secretions in the tissues, jaboulay advises the early and constant exhibition of quinine and is against operation, save in the earliest stages. 2. Tuberculous Rheumatism. — Delore says^ rheumatism is fairly common in tuberculous sub- jects, and when so occurring, should be consid- ered of tuberculous origin. It occurs principally in slow cases where the subject has become, so to speak, immunized by a sort of vaccination ; the extreme sensitiveness of serous membranes ren- ders them liable 4 Week Acai Berry Diet to reaction to the tuberculous virus poured into the circulation by a tuberculous focus of infection elsewhere in the organism. Cul- tures from rheumatism in the tuberculous Try Acai Berry Free have given positive results in guinea pigs, while those from ordinary chronic arthritides were of nega- tive Best Acai Berry Product outcome. PRESSE Super Acai Berry 1200 MEDICALE. Top Rated Acai Berry Products August 26, 19OS. 1. On the Presence of Foreign Bodies (Crystalline Sub- stances and Microbes) in the Nerve Cell, as Related to the Theory of Nervous Ainccboid Movement, By (;. M.\RiNESco. 2. Centrifugation as a Rapid Method of Estimating the Nutritive Value of Milk, By Fabre. 1. Foreign Bodies in Nerve Cells. — Marinesco Purchase Acai Berry Power 500 quotes authors pro and con regarding the theory of amoeboid movement in the cells of the nervous system as lying at the 100 Pure Acai Berry Capsules basis of mental processes. The Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam presence of the inicrobe of leprosy in the spinal cells has supported the theory. Marinesco has made a special study of the latter phenotnenon and, recalling Holmgren's discovery of canaliculi in the protoplasm of nerve cells anastomosing with one another, concludes that the lepra bacilli, having penetrated Natural Acai Berry Diet the superficial lymphatic ves- sels of the nerve trunks, are carried aeeper owing to the continuity between the superficial Acai Berry Free Trial Uk and deep lymphatic circulation of the nerve. The bacilli are thus directed along tlie nerve fibres, partly to the spinal ganglia and partly to Acai Berry Seeds For Sale the anterior horns, .^s the nerves of sensation seem to be fa- vored by the lepra bacilli, Buy Acai Berry Power 500 they are driven in large numbers into the cells of these ganglia ; arrived at the capsule, the canaliculi of the latter conduct them to the interior of the cell, when they pro- Acai Berry Scams Uk duce the specific lesion, described and illustrated by the author. 2. Centrifugation. — Fabre states that the milk of diflferent mothers varies vastly in the per- centages of cream and casein, and the length of time a child is allowed to nurse should depend thereupon. It inay vary from five to fifteen min- utes. When digestive troubles appear, the milk should Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best be centrifugated. Fabre Acai Berry Trees For Sale advises What Is The Best Acai Berry Product For Weight Loss the meth- od of Andrew Scott as the simplest Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best For Weight Loss to carry out in private practice. He dwells on the necessity of careful training of the mother in feeding while still under the accoucheur's observation. August 2<), KJO3. Torsion of the Pedicle of Cysts of the Broad Ligament, By Pierre Sikor.os. 1. On the Pathogenesis of the Anaemia of Ankylostomiasis, By Umberto Gabbl 2. On the Action of Human Gastric Juice Upon the Tuber- cle Bacillus. A Contribution to the Study of Pri-

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